Lisa Currie
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Less facebook, more camping.
instagram: scribblediary
That “please let me play dot to dot with your freckles” kinda feeling.
Her tiny ocean was getting cold and all the hot water had run out and it wasn’t the world’s biggest dilemma but it was all she could think about right now.
Question of the day! via a little interview sheet I’m making for @stolenpublications.
First exhibit in the Museum Of Things That Lisa Likes Right Now. Featuring… The Selby book and Helice Wen postcard.
Gonna turn this mess and junk into a home 🏡
Make more art…
Epiphanies & observations at the cafe this morning.
Oh I forgot about this one! The only time I’m ever filled out my own scribble interview :)

Just started Me, You, Us with my significant other!
My contribution for today.
Kudos to Lisa Currie.